Next Event: Members Only
Napf Event preview up in the forums
Looking forward for member only event!
At least it's trying to connect now. Thanks
Napf HC keeps getting kicked for Steam ticket failure
Yeah RHS updated a few days ago. Reference the modlist on the main page.
Hey, was there an update for RHS? I'm getting some errors when trying to join server
When you upset Zeus... [link]
If the AI turn into vegetables then its almost always HC related. #missions or a hard restart will fix
The AI is completely ignoring players on Altis right now. They shoot each other just fine tho
@bfriendlyordie create a thread and post info
Have a few XML errors on your downloads for the members.
I will, but this is a global community: your evening may not be mine! o.O
Anyone gonna be on this evening?
Blufor Antistasi is now back up, go get those russians!
Its not meant to be Fort Knox, and the password is availible to members on the download page. We still have some v1.8 content to extract for public release (and a bug here or there)

Modlist for Altis Official

  ACE3 v 3.9.0             - Download

      RHS:AFRF v     - Steam 

      RHS:USAF v     - Steam

      RHS:GREF v    Steam

     TFAR v 0.9.12           - Download

     CBA  v  - Download

  XLA  v 3.1.1              - Download 

Suggested Client Side mods (Whitelisted)

Video: How to install Mods for Official Server

Modlist for Napf Official 

  ACE3 v 3.9.0             - Download

      CUP Core v 1.3         - Download

[MAP]       NAPF Island v 1.21  - Download

      RHS:AFRF v     - Steam 

      RHS:USAF v     - Steam

      RHS:GREF v     Steam

     TFAR v 0.9.12            - Download

     CBA  v   - Download

  XLA  v 3.1.1               - Download 

Suggested Client Side mods (Whitelisted)

Video: How to install Mods for Official Server

I remember how I felt this time last year.

New beginnings, a fresh start, Apex looming just over the horizon and I had just become involved in a project that would take up the majority of my free time for the next year: Antistasi Altis.

As most of you should know, the Official Antistasi Community was created to take the mission to the next level. We began with a handful of us looking at how to better implement RHS AFRF, continuing through the Autumn to implement USAF and now, in the wintery beginings of the Newer Year, we are proud to announce the full implementation of GREF.

You may have read the previous news post where Kendo's Porting Project (KPP) was announced. For those of you who didn't, KPP took on the hardest porting task of flipping AFRF and USAF around. In truth, had the port been basic, such as simply replacing like-for-like units from another mod, it would have taken 1 day. In reality, it has taken us around 4 weeks. The reason for this is complicated in practise, but easy to understand: The FIA are Blufor = The enemy must not be Blufor.

We were then faced with a dilemma, which was very quickly solved by deciding to port the FIA to GREF. 3-4 weeks later we have arrived at a solution where all three factions are indexed with porting arrays which you can change to your liking. We actually came up with two workable solutions, one where mod detection found GREF and immediately took care of the rest, and the other where it exists as a seperate PBO where you must run the full RHS list of mods... except S.A.F.... fuck S.A.F.. 

The final solution to the GREF problem is the latter of the two.

Now, on to some even more exciting news...

Toshi (Rep for Keller Kompanie and Honorary Official Member) has completed our First OFFICIAL MAP PORT. There were a few maps that made it to the short-list, but only one that deserved the title of being our first... (you always remember your first)

So why Bornholm?

Bornholm is large enough to host an Antistasi Environment. It is simply beautiful and lends its self well to convoy movement, QRF action and has just the right balance of clusters / spread out zones.

When can we play Antiatasi: ReBorn?

We are considering changing the second Official Server to permanently run Bornholm with the full complement of mods (minus GREF). If you are able to donate to help us build a new server we may be able to run them all.

Does this mean no more Tanoa?

Well, the thing about Apex is that, after 6 months of reflection,  it 'went in one year and out the other'. Take that pun however you wish, the fact is that Warlords is in no fit state to represent Antistasi in a 'Front-of-House' kind of way. There is only one person who is in charge of Warlords and they do not believe that they have the time to allocate to developing it. Therefore, I must formally request a new Dev to work on this in the future. If you think you have the cajones to put everything you have into it then please send me a PM. You will be familiarised by Barbolani on its working parts but will be expected to have significant knowledge of Antistasi's current code.

All that being said, Antistasi Altis, Warlords, and now ReBorn (Bornholm) make up one hell of a recipe for Guerrilla Warfare.

See you online, wherever that may be...


[Prov] Eagleshark Finally, we shall create a proper socialist state, that cares for those like we.
[Member] RickyTan a We are running tests on the official server. Come on and join us!
[UXO] Weber When will the GREF PBO be released for public download?
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